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With Paul Warne now reaching four years as Rotherham United manager, here’s a quiz looking at some standout moments from his time as Millers boss so far…

With the club in crisis, Warne stepped up to manage Rotherham United, as he took the interim job on November 29, 2016.

Warne will admit himself that at that time he was not prepared for the gargantuan task that laid ahead.

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When you compare him when he took over to now, the manager is completely different in the way he goes about the job.

Back then, few would have anticipated that he would still be boss four years later. But here we are, and it has been a great ride.

Warne has played a big part in overhauling the image of the club. It was a mess when he took over for numerous reasons, but now the Millers are a stable club with a culture that rivals should be jealous of.

Sure, there have been lows along the way with two relegations. But with that have also come lots of highs, topped off by two great promotions despite there being huge stumbling blocks along the way.

The difference in the club now compared to four years ago is remarkable. A lot of that is thanks to the job done by Warne, his staff and players past and present that have displayed core Rotherham United values.

It has been a fantastic journey, and we are sure there are a lot of twists and turns yet to come. With that said, here is a quiz looking back at some of the biggest moments from Warne’s reign so far…

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