How To Shift Reality To Hogwarts

You are going to a desired reality, it’s not a real place. But first, write your script.

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I no longer view others as individual people, but rather as a byproduct of my own consciousness.

How to shift reality to hogwarts. A quick guide to shifting Some people write out receiving a letter from hogwarts, which allows them to travel to the school and create their own stories with the characters. According to various tiktoks, there’s two techniques to shift realities.

Once your energy gets high enough, land on a floor. This book will be about shifting reality as the title says. Videos you watch may be.

If you die in your desired reality itll just bring you back to your current reality, so i suggest that you script you wont die. Also, if you plan on shifting to hogwarts, script that you wo keep any trauma because some things can be pretty difficult to deal with. You should try using the raven method.

You’re assigned a professor who teaches you the elements of. It's not compulsory but i think it's safer yk.then meditate using the videos and shit i mentioned in the prev chapters.make sure you have a positive mindset and a clear have to be very tired. You can shift to any alternate reality you desire.

I will share about the explanation, how to shift reality faster, methods, scripting, subliminals, perspective, tips, probably my experiences and others! Scripting in particular is a core topic in reality shifting. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Common dr’s are hogwarts, mha, tvd and some other anime’s. Then, while staying in their body, go to sleep. There’s the ‘alice in wonderland’ method where you envision yourself running after a character from your desired reality, and the ‘ raven method ‘ where you lay in a starfish position and count down from 100 while imagining the reality.

Shifting going to a different reality. I’m going to talk about (in order):hearts: Notice where your time goes.

For instance, right now you are in your cr, but when you shift you are going to your dr. To start shifting your reality, simply start noticing what you’re allowing into your consciousness throughout your daily life. So if you want to shift your reality, all you need to do is shift what you’re paying attention to in the world around you.

This epic post rounds up all the tools you need to begin your shifting journey back to hogwarts & the wizarding world. I recommend choosing a reality that has already been written about (a fictional reality), like the wizarding world of harry potter, which i will be shifting to. I really hope this helps!

| shifting tips 🌌 #shift #shifting #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #hogwarts | helpful things to add in your script | part 1 | you are gifted in wandless magic: How to shift your reality: A detailed script of one’s desired reality.

I scripted that i went to hogwarts, but the order was hesitant to send me at first, just because my bloodline with voodoo and with you know who (move over harry, this might be your story but i'm the main secondary character lol) but a letter from the ministry arrived and long story short i was off to hogwarts with the rest of the crew lol. •the raven method is basically you lay down on your bed and go into a starfish position and try to think about your dr (desired reality). Free harry potter / hogwarts shifting script template [fill in the blank] back to raven method.

With reality shifting, people get to experience their childhood dreams of being a witch/wizard and even flying on a broom. “i have tried shifting to hogwarts because being a witch there in my favorite movie or environment would seem super cool and fun,” said ruiz. Reality shifting to hogwarts diy toolkit:

Notice where your attention is going. I really hope this helps! This book will be about shifting reality as the title says.

While it’s not mandatory, many claim that creating a detailed script of. How to shift to hogwarts: # fanfiction # glade # hogwarts # imagines # multifandom.

While many methods exist for reality shifting, commonly those who shift speak about a mixture of meditation, listening to subliminal playlists, and creating a detailed “script” of one’s desired reality which (while not mandatory) is said to ease the shifting process significantly. Always script in present tense. See the doors open and it should be your desired room.

In order to shift, i recommend scripting out your desired reality. You should wake up in your desired reality. Literally told myself i am shifting to (specific place) and i fell asleep.

I will share about the explanation, how to shift reality faster, methods, scripting, subliminals, perspective, tips, probably my experiences and others! How to shift reality to hogwarts. Lay on your back in starfish position, so your limbs don't touch.

Notice where your focus goes. If you aren't sure about what to write, here's a link : Here is a hogwarts template via thoughtful gift club;

Meaning that you can peform minor and/or major spells and acts of magic without the use of a wand. Scripting in particular is a core topic in reality shifting. Shifting realities (@shifting._.realitiesss) has created a short video on tiktok with music sofia by clario.

Since reality is me from the inside out if that made sense? I simply used the intention method and nothing else. Shift your reality step #1:

Notice what you’re talking and thinking about. Bro i wanted to shift to hogwarts on october 1st, their 20 year anniversary, i wrote my script and i was exhausted, i literally couldn't feel my bed and my eyes felt like they were falling so i got scared and opened them ? But dont worry its totally safe and you wo be harm or anything like that!

A beginners guide to shifting realities! Walk in and you should see your desired self sleeping, and visualize slowly pulling your conscious out and putting it in your desired reality self. What am i going to talk about?

) shifting really changed me as a person too.

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