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Dog pound does a good job at giving the viewers connection with the characters and grow feeling for the three boys. Dog pound film review and trailer.

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Neither the film’s bark nor its bite leaves much of a mark.

Dog pound movie review. This is not a film setup with a hollywood ending or a prison film with deeper meaning in the mould of. By martin roberts on 19 aug 2010 kim chapiron’s dog pound, despite following a rigidly established prison drama setup, is still more than worthy of your time. As the end credits of dog pound rolled i felt satisfied.

This is a fun and lovable movie about saving animals of the earth, working together for a cause, and family. “ paw patrol is contemptible trash.”. During the movie you'll see some sad and upsetting parts as you grow interest in the movie.

Dog pound is certainly not a movie for everyone, but for those willing to accept the story for what it is, the payoff is enormous. Dog pound photos view all photos (27) movie info. The plot willfully denies our satisfaction, often at the risk of compromising its own structural integrity.

At times, comical, and at times, it will bring a tear to your eye. A version of this review originally ran during the 2010 tribeca film festival. Across the site film reviews;

The setting is juvenile, the problems are not. A new york magazine review summed it up succinctly: I had watched a film that took the bleakness and emotional pull of the tv show oz and set it in a correctional facility with an interesting selection of characters from all walks of life.

It’s intense in every sense of the word and will leave you with. 3 out of 5 stars. Prison as a hothouse for untapped aggression is again the order of the day in.

It is a canadian remake of the british borstal film, scum. Dog pound (film) dog pound. “dog pound” is an update of a 1970s film about teenage inmates adjusting to prison life.

Those seem like harsh judgments after seeing the movie version, which feels like. Visceral and inquisitive, this well researched movie offers a punchy insight to prison life. Dog pound is a great movie it keeps you entertained and into the movie.

A car thief (mateo morales), a drug dealer (shane kippel) and a violent criminal (adam butcher) face brutal inmates at a correctional facility. Its main difference being that its protagonists. Tribeca film releases “dog pound” on vod platforms opens theatrically in new york on.

3 out of 5 stars. Eye for film >> movies >> dog pound (2009) film review dog pound. Dog pound is an intense american variation on the same themes set in the fictional juvenile offenders facility of enola vale.

Animated skirmishes with other dogs, oncoming traffic, a menacing animal tracker seen one time with a gun, and a gang of. With adam butcher, shane kippel, matthew morales, slim twig. D og pound fittingly begins with dramatizations of its three key characters’ imprisonable offences, then ends on the easy, if universal, symbolism of an open door being slammed shut by a riot policeman.

Three juvenile delinquents are sentenced to a correctional facility where they encounter gang violence, death, and harassment from staff and other inmates. Read the empire movie review of dog pound. “dog pound” feels hollow and.

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