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For knocked up, writer/director judd apatow's sophomore feature, the filmmaker has elected to follow pretty much the same formula that made his debut, the 40 year old virgin, such a success. Knocked up supposedly reveals the potential outcome of such an unlikely tryst.

Seth Rogen Discusses Katherine Heigl Knocked Up Controversy Indiewire

It is sharp but not mean, sweet but not soft, and for all its rowdy obscenity it rarely feels coarse or crude.

Knocked up movie review. And for a long time, i was wondering why i had never seen knocked up in. His jokes double back after the first. Considering how winning the formula is, it's a safe approach.

It’s part of what directors do. Like most of apatow's work, knocked up walks a perilous line between sarcasm and sentimentality, and though it's extremely funny in bursts, the movie flirts once too often with schmaltz before toppling into melodrama in its third act. Apatow manages it with ease, so you feel for both parties.

Knocked up is an absolute winner. This is a romantic comedy that's unafraid to face human suffering dead on. On rotten tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 89%, based on 252 reviews, with an average rating of 7.70/10.

And yet, in the end, it's all the more joyous for that. Knocked up is a funny, mature, intelligent and overall excellent movie with a great script. Very well done, if you like that kind of thing.

I thought the 40 year old virgin was an excellent and funny movie; It’s a movie where cameras can be placed and bodies positioned to create illusions. Knocked up runs for 132 minutes — way long for a laffer — but there’s a reason that apatow is the new king of comedy:

The wonder of “knocked up” is that it never scolds or sneers. The moral of the story is to wear a condom preferably over your head. That one was his directorial debut.

It's a great movie for high schoolers and up. A s far as comedy/dramas are concerned, nobody could accuse “knocked up” of being unoriginal. It is funny but also filled with heart and it does tackle a pretty touchy subject but it delivers well.

Knocked up by peter sciretta / may 31, 2007 11:57 pm edt the three funniest movies of the last three years are without a doubt: Knocked up is well acted, directed and very funny. Knocked up is a beautifully shaped piece of work:

A doctor visit results in an image showing a heartbeat. It's funny as hell, but never lets the raunchy humor get away from the clever and heartwarming story. A fun take on the formula.

The hardest thing to get right with love stories, if this movie even is a love story, is the balance between male and female lead. To the movie’s credit, talk of having an abortion is quickly squelched. Knocked up allison (kathrine heigl) and ben (seth rogen) hook up for one night only to find out 8 weeks later that they're pregnant.

I enjoyed undeclared when it was on tv. They went on and on with comments about depth. I find this totally hilarious in retrospect as depth as a description of the emotional emptiness of the characters in this film would be like someone describing insanity as the highest form of intellectual development.

Knocked up is an extremely vulgar, but often humorous, comedy about a beautiful stylish entertainment television journalist named allison getting drunk, having sex with a loser named ben and winding up pregnant. I don’t find sophomoric behavior by grown men that funny, i suppose. I was hoodwinked and hope you will not be likewise 'knocked up.'

The film has some amusing moments, but no great comic scenes that stand out. I can only laugh so much at stoner’s vacant stares. I t's a little late arriving, but at last it's here:

Knocked up was funny, but not hilariously so. I just ordered the dvd’s for freaks and geeks from my public library, because i have a feeling i will enjoy it. He doesn’t usually get the credit, but ben stiller, will ferrell and steve carell owe much of their success to the fine work of judd.

The best film of the summer, and the sweetest, funniest, gentlest thing i have seen in such a long time. It deserves a lot of clapping and i really loved it. Judd apatow (the director of knocked up) does good work.

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